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Sense Protocol

The Sense Protocol is a decentralized fixed-income protocol on Ethereum, allowing users to manage risk through fixed rates and future yield trading on existing yield bearing-assets.


Sense has a permissive design, allowing anyone to create new future yield markets.


No debt. No liquidations. No risk of protocol insolvency.


Users have greater flexibility to earn/borrow at a fixed rate and trade against future yields.

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Meet the Team

Joshua Levine
Co-founder & CTO
Kenton Prescott
Co-founder & CEO
Federico MartΓ­n A.
Smart Contracts
Alexander Gonzalez
Andrea Law
Senior Engineer
Alan Keegan
Growth & Strategy


Freddie Farmer
Steven Becker
Dillon Chen
Kurt Barry

Latest from us

πŸ“ Building for a permissionless futureSense pivots to permissionless infrastructure for new fixed income applications.

πŸ“ Introducing Sense SpaceIntroducing Sense Space, a capitally efficient fixed-rate AMM.

πŸ“ Sense Finance x Rari CapitalAnnouncement of the Sense <> Rari partnership to build a Sense Fuse pool to permit permissive Zero borrowing/lending.

πŸ“ Yield in the DeFi EconomyAn overview of yield-bearing assets and their yield sources in the DeFi Economy.

πŸ“ Designing Yield TokensA deep dive into different Yield Token models discussing their mechanisms and behavior.

πŸ““ YT Sensitivity AnalysisAn analysis using time and interest rate sensitvity as tools for comparing different YT designs.

πŸ““ Rudimentary YT PricingA deep dive into different Yield Token models discussing their mechanisms and behavior.

πŸ““ Accumulated Yield InteractiveAn interactive tool demonstrating how yield accrues on principal, provided an asset's interest rate over time.

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